Our philosophy

  • Simple & personal
  • Knowing you is knowing your brand
  • Strategies are not a stroke of good luck
  • Smart creativity
  • Printed material that makes an impact
  • Packaging that seduces
  • Digital interaction
  • On the Internet, Spanish spoken
  • The best media for the best campaigns
  • Active consumers


At VRTC, our mission is to partner with our clients in order to bring solutions by implementing effective, innovative, and relevant communications strategies that connect with consumers, are socially responsible and create value.


VRTC is a strategic communications leader that adds value to our Clients by generating fresh and new ideas that enhance the connections between brands and consumers.

What we do

  • Strategic planning & research
  • Creativity & design
  • Online marketing & social media
  • Media planning and buying
  • Print design and production
  • In-store and out-of-store retail strategies
  • Packaging
  • Public relations and community outreach

Shopper Marketing

In a market place where all messages seem to be the same, true experiences are hard to find. Experiences that involve all the senses, experiences that create connections and lifelong relationships between brands and consumers. Through deep research and investigation we specialize in being where people are, and doing what people do. We ACTIVATE consumers by using insight-based communication, through rational and emotional messages we influence the behavior of the consumer at the Point Of Purchase. Studying their behavior and journey on all contact points we establish strategies and experiences that render tangible and measurable results.

Meet our team

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