Aged to Perfection The Craft of A Fine Content Marketing Strategy

As you may have noticed it takes a great amount of resources to craft and create a content marketing strategy geared towards a specific consumer or market. Believe it or not, this process holds much in common with making a fine wine or in the case of sparking product conversations with Hispanic consumers, tequila.


Even if you can summarize it in a paragraph, creating tequila is a very extensive and effortful process. A tremendous amount of blue agave plants must be harvested in order to produce just a select amount of tequila. The plants that are deemed ideal for producing the tequila after being harvested are then usually baked or cooked in order to produce ideal flavors in the tequila before being processed further for the distilling process. Once the tequila is distilled it’s aged for an even more extensive amount of time before being bottled. The same holds true for creating a single content marketing strategy that gets results.

Just as a single bottle of tequila requires a considerable amount of agave, content marketing requires utilizing a great deal of information resources to develop and draft the initial content marketing strategy. Artisanal tequilas take this process a step further with hand-selection of the agave with the jimadores who harvest it. The same can be said for the depth of research that is undertaken in developing a successful content marketing strategy.

You would think this is where the two ideas diverge but once again they both take very similar steps in reaching the ideal results and end-product. It’s at this stage that different brands of tequilas would take the steps towards giving their end product, the tequila, its distinctive qualities and characteristics before it is distilled. After researching the needs and requirements of the marketing strategy we identify all of the best and unique aspects that need to conveyed in the actual content at the heart of the content marketing strategy in order to effectively and optimally shape your message, share it with your audience, and spark product conversations. We continue to condense this strategy until we too have “distilled” a product that we know can successfully reduce risk in conveying and communicating the message at the heart of this content marketing strategy.

Of course tequila just isn’t the same without proper aging. A proper, premium tequila takes at least 10 years to mature and develop characteristics pleasing to the palate of the finest of connoisseurs. A successful content marketing strategy may not have the luxury of being “aged to perfection” as a tequila of such quality, however, we have the benefit of 10 years of experience in developing strategies that spark product conversations to help facilitate and ensure that our process is as successful as the last and like the more coveted reserves of tequila, good to the last drop.



Finally, once the tequila is ready it is bottled and packaged to make it stand out wherever it is destined to be sold and be taken home and not just enjoyed but savored and shared with family and friends. Naturally, the same can be said for an engaging and successful content marketing strategy. Once the content at the heart of our content marketing strategy has been honed and distilled to meet our exacting standards we take the steps to ensure the content is as engaging as possible by exploring and determining the best mediums for sharing this content from the platforms, to the type of media it’s communicated through, and more. All of this from one distillery for just for one bottle of tequila, all of this from a marketing agency for just one successful content marketing strategy to help you start product conversations.

By integrating a local event into TABASCO® brand’s content strategies we were able to create not only more engagement for TABASCO® brand but opportunities for other brands and businesses to grow and establish themselves within the community, by supporting local we all grow and thrive together. We at VRTC hope this information motivates you to make your brand a part of not just local events but a cornerstone and exemplary member of your community. Is there anything you would like to add to the conversation? If so, leave a comment and share your experience. If you enjoyed the article, share it! For further insights and discussion simply #AskVRTC.

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