Develop a bilingual advertising campaign for the 2016 Honda Civic Sedan launch in Central America and the Caribbean portraying the long-lasting legacy of the 10th generation model while connecting primarily with millennial consumers.


Address the needs of a segmented market using digital and traditional media tailored to each country while integrating some elements from both the U.S. and the U.S. Hispanic Civic Sedan campaigns.


We wanted to design a campaign that appealed to a broad base of buyers, while mostly focused on millennials. Here’s how we made it happen:



1.  Set up a landing page that generated leads for Honda distributors and acted as an informative tool where consumers could learn all the features and gadgets of owning a Civic Sedan. Each time a user clicked on our ads they were redirected to our landing page.


2.  Displayed customized location-based mobile ads for consumers located near Honda’s dealerships.


3.  Used zero-speed ads on the navigation app Waze to target drivers within close proximity of a Honda Dealer location.


4. Integrated different programmatic, cross-platform video ads with niche-focused content.


5. Advertised the Civic Sedan launch through Facebook ads based on precise user demographics and special automobile interests.


1.  Provided Honda’s distributors with a variety of marketing materials such as posters, banners, flyers and brochures that assisted with product awareness and purchase consideration.


2.  Exhibited full-page ads in the inflight magazines of Avianca and Copa Airlines – two of the most preferred airlines operating in the region.


3.  Ran carefully selected 30-second spots shown during boarding time for all passengers on Avianca and Copa Airlines.




The Civic Sedan 2016 campaign successfully showcased Honda’s brand DNA in the 13 countries where the vehicle launched. In the span of two months, the digital campaign received approximately 19 million impressions, 62,000 clicks and an overall CTR of 0.33%.


Through Waze, we generated 8,254 navigations to different Honda dealerships, with Guatemala and Costa Rica driving the largest volume. The video component resulted in more than 409,000 views and a VCR of 49%. The total estimated impressions received through on-board media were approximately 5 million.


Digital impressions


Navigations to Honda dealerships


On-board media impressions

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