Comida Para Contento Part 3 – Acculturated Hispanic Consumer Trends in Digital

The US Hispanic market offers brands and marketers a buffet of opportunities due to its sheer size within the multicultural market – not to mention the influence it will have on the total market in the near future. The goal of this three-part series is to help brands and marketers find the secret ingredients their Hispanic marketing recipe. Ready to stir up your media mix with information on unacculturated, bicultural, and acculturated Hispanic consumer trends on digital? Read on to discover how to concoct content that gets the attention of this influential consumer group and has them asking for seconds. 


A watched pot never boils, so here’s all the fare you may have missed from our last entry:

  1. Bicultural US Hispanic consumers account for 51% of the 24.5 million Hispanic consumer audience online.
  2. Bicultural Hispanic consumers are most likely to be the most enthusiastic fans of brands, with 71% actively following their favorite brands online.
  3. Bicultural Hispanic consumers also have the greatest network of connections online.  Many report having 300+ contacts. This means that if one bicultural Hispanic is enthusiastic about your brand, you can expect that enthusiasm to ripple through their network. Other consumers will definitely notice.

That’s a lot to take in, but we hope you’ve saved room. In our third and final course we are studying acculturated Hispanic consumer trends in the digital world.

What Pleases the Palates of Acculturated Hispanic Consumers?

If there were an exclusive connoisseur among the three types of Hispanics it would be the acculturated Hispanic consumer. If unacculturated and bicultural Hispanics are the ones sharing your content online, then it was an acculturated consumer who discovered it.

The statistics also back up this idea. Out of the 24.5 million US Hispanics online, acculturated Hispanic consumers are the smallest segment. They only account for 17% of the total amount. Not only are they the most exclusive, they are also one of the youngest and most affluent segments of the US Hispanic population.


These attributes are similarly reflected in this segment’s habits. Hispanic consumer trend reports indicate that as the Hispanic consumer becomes more acculturated they start to share less content that represents themselves. Instead, they use their network of connections to discover and curate what appeals exclusively to their tastes.

In fact, 76% of acculturated Hispanics online report in engaging in these online activities. These consumers are also the major spenders out of the three segments online. Combine these acculturated Hispanic consumer trends with their youthful nature (most Acculturated Hispanics fall under the Gen Z and Millennial demographic) and you have the makings of a natural trend-setter.

Generate Acculturated Hispanic Engagement with this Recipe for Enticing Content

Because acculturated Hispanics are essentially digital natives and also enjoy discovering new things online. Therefore, the best way to get their attention is to literally appeal to their senses. Provoke interest with content that elicits emotion through authentic scenarios to which they can relate and/or facilitates one-of-a-kind experiences to which they feel exclusively tied.

Consequently, brands and marketers must strongly consider being present where these consumers are active the most. Be a part of their story by relating to them with strong YouTube campaigns featuring video content that not only tells a story, but “their story.” Help them create a story through platforms like Snapchat that can facilitate live campaigns in real-time.

Acculturated Hispanics may be the most selective of the segments, but with the right utensils and ingredients they can also prove the easiest palate to please. ¡Buen provecho!

We at VRTC hope this information helps in your efforts to effectively communicate and connect with the US Hispanic consumer. We also hope this series has served as food for thought in bolstering your marketing goals and strategy.

Is there anything you would like to add to the conversation? If so, leave a comment and share your experience. If you enjoyed the article, share it! For further insights and discussion simply #AskVRTC.


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