Drink Trends Stirring Up The Alcohol Beverage Industry In 2017

A bar ready for the drink trends stirring up the alcohol beverage industry in 2017

Drink Trends Stirring Up The Alcohol Beverage Industry In 2017 are popping up faster than a bartender can pop the top off a bottled cocktail. Yes, you read that right – bottled cocktails are one of the drink trends buzzing with alcohol beverage consumers in 2017, especially Multicultural Millennials thirsty for quick turnarounds with a WOW factor. The trends are not only popping up at a fast rate, craft beverage enthusiasts are now becoming much more sophisticated and savvier drinkers with highly-evolved palates waiting for more personalized beverages, cocktails, drinks and more to quench their drink desires as you’ll discover in this article.

To Your Health! Healthy And Natural Drinks Get The Limelight

Dryanuary or Dry January is no joke as many Millennials will attest. More and more Millennial consumers are prioritizing their health. Even GenX drinkers are getting in on the trend of taking better care of themselves to live longer, happier lives. This effect is also spilling over to the drinks and beverages they choose to enjoy when they drink.

In order to compliment and maintain a healthy lifestyle, casual drinkers are now shifting their focus on choosing drinks with lower or zero sugar, less carbs, lower calories and placing an emphasis on drinks made with all-natural ingredients. Hence bottled cocktails growing in popularity. A bartender doesn’t have to work with too many separate ingredients whenever someone prefers a healthier cocktail, the cocktail still features all-natural and craft ingredients and it becomes a much more quicker and convenient experience for consumers as well. What’s more some consumers are even beginning to choose non-alcoholic cocktails or mocktails during happy hour to still enjoy the social experience a happy night-out (and a bottled mocktail cocktail or two) can provide. While there may be an emphasis on these types of drinks that doesn’t mean these consumers are not seeking out quality craft drinks. In fact, this next 2017 drink trend points to the exact opposite occurring at this very moment in the alcohol beverage industry.

Premiumisation Or Say Hello To More Savvy Sippers!

The Alcohol and Beverage Industry is not only noting a shift in consumer preferences but also witnessing the evolution of consumer tastes in the market in the form of Premiumisation. As cocktail culture becomes more accessible thanks to social media, TV shows, and streaming formats such as YouTube and Netflix consumers are not only becoming more adventurous in taste but knowledgeable as well and that means more savvy sippers.

What this means is not only will they be willing to try new drinks and beverages recommended to them they’re also now more likely to have knowledge of what a craft drink experience can be but also look beyond premium labels and brands and start to want to try more high-end, artisanal and super-premium spirits in order to please their palate. This also goes back to the overall experience playing a key-role in explaining why they drink and what drinks they choose when they do. This makes sense with session beers gaining in popularity so craft beer drinkers can enjoy several tastings in one outing without feeling worse for the wear and the aforementioned health-conscious Millennial and GenX drinkers who may only have one drink to maintain their health but still desire a premium experience that can only come from using craft ingredients to concoct their choice cocktail.

Elevated Palates Open A World To New Experiences

Premiumisation has also opened up a world to new experiences for drinkers, bartenders and mixologists alike. The total experience is now playing a huge role in crafting the cocktail choices Millennial drinkers will make in 2017 and beyond. Millennials are not only being informed by digital and mobile sources, they are also getting inspired and motivated. Thanks to the connectivity and sharability of social media, FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out, now serves as a positive outlet for these drinkers.

They may be more knowledgable and savvy sippers but seeing something out of the ordinary that interests them through streaming video content or even seeing something on their friends’ personal news feeds can inspire a “I want to try that” moment. Even if it’s only once it inspires and empowers these consumers to try exotic flavors and get out of their cocktail comfort zone instead of simply ambiguously asking for something that tastes “spiced” or “fruity”. It also opens the doors for lesser known spirits to take centerstage if they were in the shadow of more commonly known spirits in the case of sotol and sotol-based cocktails in relation to its more well-known amigos tequila and mezcal. While consumers may have changed gears and preferences to emphasize healthy and natural there’s never been a more exciting time for the alcohol and beverage industry with world of experiences they can now provide to these newly evolved elevated palates seeking out craft drinks and craft experiences thanks to the cocktail-like combination that social media and digital media have created.

We at VRTC, Inc. hope this information motivates you and your brand to stir up the industry and put your own spin on these trends to make the most of 2017 and the years ahead as Millennial sippers become much more spirit savvy.  Is there anything you would like to add to the conversation? If so, leave a comment and share your experience. If you enjoyed the article, share it! For further insights (now straight to your email through our monthly newsletter), discussion or inquiries for help in sparking your own product conversations fill out our contact form or simply #AskVRTC.

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