For The Fans: Why Brands Should Go Big For Sport Events

Brands Should Go Big For Sport Events And Be There For The Fans

For The Fans: Why Brands Should Go Big For Sport Events is a testament to the power sport events have on our country and why fans will always matter. This article will highlight the importance for why brands and businesses big and small should go big during major sport events and the advantages that being part of the fan experience can bring to building stronger connections with their own fans and communities they serve.

The Fan Experience Is A Communal Experience Extended To Everyone

Part of the allure of major sport events and big games is that there is always something for everyone, even non-fans. That in itself is a testament to the Fan Experience. Being a Fan means being a part of a community, belonging to a group of supporters. This is an effect that is not only seen in our country but worldwide. And as many brands and businesses can attest this is very much the case day-in and day-out on their social media channels and once the experience catches on it can be viral and infectious, in a good way of course and many are always seeking out new ways to replicate this feel-good effect of camaraderie. This is their big chance, this is why brands should go big for sport events.

By focusing these efforts during specific major sport events brands and businesses increase their chances of capturing this lightning-in-a-bottle and harnessing the fan experience to generate positive buzz for their brand or product(s), community engagement and community interaction. Even if your brand isn’t rooting for the winning team you can still be a part of the celebration. A celebration that can tap into a $1.3 billion industry.

Both Big And Small Brands Can Score Points With New And Current Fans

It’s not just the big names that can benefit from being a part of major sport events. In fact, brands don’t have to have the big game budget that household name brands may have to give it their all and make themselves part of the fan experience. Just by making yourself memorable whether in a funny way, a disruptive way or an entirely new way is an easy way to score points with fans because you tie your brand to that one moment, you make yourself part of that experience. The “#ThatJustHappened” moment.

This especially holds true for small businesses and brands because of the “Hometown Hero” effect. Everyone wants to root for that special player, person or team. By giving your all and going all out to celebrate with the fans you’ll instantly be tied to making part of their fan experience possible. After all, the heart of being a fan is being part of a community and by supporting local you’re only making your community stronger. And that becomes a win for everyone.

The applications are nearly endless. On social media both big and small brands and businesses can invite their communities to share their celebration and collaborate in cheering on their favorite team. Go live and viral with your own halftime show with video content, etc. Of course going the traditional route with special commercials or having events or activations at your business for the major sport events still hold sway if not even more on up and coming consumers such as Millennials and Generation Z. By making an experience together with these fans brands only stand to gain points from everyone in their respective communities online and offline.

We at VRTC, Inc. hope this information motivates you and your brand to root for major sport events and go big even if your efforts are more local. The perfect play in a total marketing sense is in your hands and so is your invitation to be a part of the fan experience and be a part of a community that spans the world.  Be there for the fans and they will be there for you. Is there anything you would like to add to the conversation? If so, leave a comment and share your experience. If you enjoyed the article, share it! For further insights, discussion, or inquiries for help in sparking your own product conversations fill out our contact form or simply #AskVRTC.

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