Gen Z Facts And Trends You Got To Know

Got to know Gen Z Facts and Trends? Look no further!

VRTC’s Got The Gen Z Facts And Trends You Got To Know:

  • Gen Z is the generation of the future for good reason: they’re prioritizing their future more than any generation before.
  • Gen Z is the most ambitious generation to date as well due to the fact they plan so much in advance.
  • Gen Z aren’t just influencing their future; Gen Z trends are also making a huge impact on the future of many industries.

Just as everyone was exhausting every single resource to understand what makes Millennials tick Gen Z have been coming into their own. Comprised of those 12 to 17 born after the year 2000, Gen Z as you may know account for 26% of the United States’ population and while still young in age are already making waves and huge impacts on the future of not only themselves but their predecessors as well generating over $45 billion in revenue each year. These impacts aren’t just projected to happen, they’re already occurring and reshaping how brands, businesses and people interact on a day to day basis. With that in mind it’s key to catch up with a generation always on and always on the go so here are Gen Z Facts and Trends You got to know.

#Goals: Gen Z wants to Get, Go and Grow

Many of the trends surrounding Gen Z today are based in how they interact with the world day to day. Gen Z aren’t materialistic like Millennials however having grown up through events like The Great Recession are even more practical and frugal than Millennials as they were at their age. With that in mind many Gen Z say they’re prioritizing futures that are much more financially lucrative and stable than Millennials in today’s workforce who would be more comfortable in roles that generate more personal fulfillment. While Gen Z may favor careers based in STEM (54% of Gen Z students say they want to pursue a career based in industries that favor Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) that doesn’t mean they’ve put all their eggs in one basket. In fact Gen Z wants to get involved immediately in the workforce and it’s not uncommon to hear that 1 in 4 currently has a side job or takes on odd jobs to earn income to fuel their college careers and get experience to prepare for future careers or for themselves in general (compared to Millennials 55% of Gen Z say they would feel comfortable starting their own business as an entrepreneur).

As you can see Gen Z already have many priorities in-line and plans in placed to reach their goals. However while on the surface this enthusiasm could seem unrealistic to skeptics it’s actually in line with the very nature of Gen Z as they are always on the go and that goes double for their attention spans as it is practically half that of Millennials (17 seconds vs 8 seconds). With that being said it makes their ideas much more tangible looking at their goals from their point of view: the more they have in plan and prioritize for the future, the more time they free up in the present to accomplish their goals for today.

Gen Z wants to get involved to get engaged

Not only does Gen Z have plans for their future they also strive to get more involved with causes affecting the present day than the previous generation. As much as 80% say they actively talk about hot topics across the nation with fellow classmates and friends that older generations even have difficulty from time to time discussing amongst themselves. If there is a conversation going on then you can bet that Gen Z already has an opinion about it that they are more than happy to voice on social media and get others opinions on it as well (80% of Gen Z also are very comfortable with peer-review settings and highly favor putting up polls about their questions and comments to further validate their feelings).

As you can imagine it goes without saying that the vast majority of Gen Z are practically always plugged in and tuned in to everything online. With all the content they interact on a day to day basis it makes sense that the majority of Gen Z want more transparency and reality in the messages businesses send them today as well. In fact when brands do decide to connect they can leave their products and services at the door, Gen Z will ask their friends and family what they think or know about them first. Instead 2/3 of Gen Z say they view Brands and Businesses that promote life advice more positively than those that simply talk about their products.

Gen Z trends are redefining the present and future of technology

Gen Z not only has a quicker attention span, they’re also the quickest to adopt new trends and have been the quickest to adjusting to new technology. With 3/4’s of Gen Z getting a smartphone by the ages of 12 or 13 they’re already reshaping how consumers connect.  With the rise of Snapchat as a social media network it has allowed brands and businesses to be even more direct in how not only Gen Z consumers but consumers of all ages can engage with them. Social media is becoming less of a vast sprawl but more of a two-way mirror. With Gen Z bringing more real conversations and subjects to light on social media it is lowering the barriers for everyone if they’re willing to be real in how they connect with their audience as well. Many brands now let their hair down and weigh in on current events thanks to this frank nature and it gets people interested and more involved with brands because they have an opinion to share and they want their communities to validate those feelings just like Gen Z. Gen Z have also been more hands on than their predecessors and it shows. It’s not about creating custom experiences anymore but letting these consumers contribute as well. They want to get their hands on everything, be involved and after they’ve made their mark, share it with the world. Even smartphones themselves have been constantly evolving with each passing year to be able to fulfill more of the uses of the everyday consumer thanks to Gen Z trends, from binge watching to better cameras to have better video chats and share better social media photos, the changes sparked from the likes and dislikes of Gen Z are not only numerous, they are here to stay and will continue to evolve as this generation continues to evolve as well with the following generation waiting in their footsteps to make their impact on the world.

We hope this quick guide to getting to know Gen Z Facts and Trends was helpful in shaping and generating your own ideas of how you can get to know the Gen Z consumers in your life. Is there anything you would like to add to the conversation? If so, leave a comment and share your experience. If you enjoyed the article, share it! For further insights (now straight to your email through our monthly newsletter), discussion or inquiries for help in sparking your own product conversations our readers are always free to not just explore but fill out our contact form or simply #AskVRTC.

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