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VRTC’s Here To Help You Get Educated On Gen Z Education Trends:

  • Gen Z are not only ambitious, they’re the most goal-oriented generation to date.
  • Gen Z iare digital natives at home and are taking their digital expertise to class.
  • Gen Z are giving us a glimpse of what is to come for future generations and the Education Industry.

Picking up from our last article, Gen Z have been coming into their own in ways that already are having an impact on how we interact with forms of digital media now and in the future. This drive for all things digital not only applies to their personal life but for for their professional life as both students and future leaders of society. In fact, Gen Z is setting the pace for generations that follow as they are already looking and leaping years ahead in their lives with goals in mind and the plans on how to achieve them. With that in mind it only makes sense that we take a deep dive and examine Gen Z is making an impact on the primary means of how they plan to accomplish their goals: Education. That’s why we’re here to help you Get Educated On Gen Z Education Tends.

#Goals 2.0: Gen Z Have Raised The Bar On Personal Growth

In our previous article it couldn’t be more emphasized that Gen Z are a much more finance-driven group compared to their cohorts, Millennials, who are driven more by fulfillment. To reinforce this point as much as 55% of Gen Z feel they would be comfortable and do well as an entrepreneur. On top of that 50% of Gen Z already have savings accounts that they themselves opened in order to financially prepare for their college career with 44% actively performing odd jobs and part-time jobs to support their financial wellness in college. Why all this initiative and focus you may ask? Well in recent polls it turns out as much as 80% of Gen Z already know what career they would realistically want to pursue in the future and many of which are already taking the steps they can now to acquire the skills they need in order to accomplish this goal and make their dream a reality. And how are they accomplishing this in the classroom?

Gen Z Are Doubling Down On Digital

It’s quite well known that Gen Z are much more intuitive digital natives compared to the previous generation and almost to the level of it being a Millennial cliche. But instead of falling flat like a bad dad joke with not much pep in the punchline, Gen Z are once again using this initiative and reputation in their favor by putting their expertise to use to help them improve themselves and improve their future in utilizing everything new to give them an edge in getting the most out of their education. How? For starters: the old study habit of hitting the books is out and downloading apps is in. In fact 68% of students say learning apps are much more effective in understanding new lessons compared to studying textbooks and notes alone. Gen Z is even putting their own spin on studying habits in general. Gen Z also are well-known for being highly in favor of having a collaborative approach in anything related to them From apps specifically for polls between their peers to designing products, Gen Z wants to leave lend a hand. What does this mean for studying? According to several polls as much as 80% have or currently do, taken part in study sessions through Facebook chat groups or through video chat apps like Facetime and Skype. And that is just the tip of the iceberg in how Gen Z’s affinity for digital media and technology is shaking-up and shaping-up the education process for future generations.

Get a glimpse of the Future, Today, through a Gen Z Classroom

In classrooms today Gen Z is already shaping the future of education. 70% of Gen Z students say that they’ve seen improvements in their grades by being allowed to use technology while in class. The same amount also see that there have been more benefits to accessing information to supplement what they’re currently learning than distractions. And when 4 out of 10 Gen Z feel they can’t go a day without their smartphone that statistic seems to add much more truth to the benefits of technology supplementing their education in the long run to keep their minds on the topic at hand instead of wondering when they’ll get on their phone and what they’ll do first. This doesn’t stop at just the junior high or high school level either. Gen Z are already embracing a much more digital-centric collegiate career in order to be ready for their professional career. 70% of Gen Z students already know they are going to prioritize signing up for online classes in order to use their free time to continue working part-time jobs in order to both earn money to support their life in college but also build up experience for their ideal career once they graduate. That is however if they’re not one of the 40% who are already in the mindset of following additional higher education in graduate courses in order to make obtaining the career they’ve set out on and acquired so many skills for, a reality.

We hope this quick guide for helping you get educated on Gen Z Education Trends was helpful in shaping and generating your own ideas in how Gen Z is taking their scholastic career as seriously as their future professional career. Is there anything you would like to add to the conversation? If so, leave a comment and share your experience. If you enjoyed the article, share it! For further insights (now straight to your email through our monthly newsletter), discussion or inquiries for help in sparking your own product conversations our readers are always free to not just explore but fill out our contact form or simply #AskVRTC.

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