Hispanic Millennials: Making Messages That Matter Part 2

By understanding Hispanic Millennials you can engage Multicultural Millennials

Millennials continue to fascinate many brands and companies as they continue to search for communication solutions that can engage and connect with these valued consumers. They may seem like a complex puzzle for these brands trying to find the pieces that can make their connection but through all this searching one promising element is easily overlooked: Many Millennials identify as Multicultural and many of these Multicultural Millennials are in reality Hispanic Millennials. This entry will discuss the importance of this factor and how it can be harnessed by brands to create attention attracting content that engages the Hispanic Millennial element of these Multicultural Millennial consumers.


As the introduction to this series outlined many factors need to be taken into consideration by brands shifting towards a multicultural marketing strategy. They need to determine: what content really connects with these consumers, how they will engage with this content, where and when are they engaging, and the type of content that will matter most and truly build a connection with these consumers. In order to understand the Multicultural aspect of these Millennials we have to understand the Hispanic aspect just as well. Our starting point: Where are Hispanic Millennials finding their content?

According to the Pew Research Center, Hispanics are most definitely digital-friendly and quite at home online. In fact their Internet use & rate of digital content consumption has increased by over 20% in the past 6 years. A report from Google also supports this and points to a preferred medium as well pointing towards Hispanics and especially Hispanic Millennials preferring to engage with online digital content on-the-go as at least 10 million Hispanics watch on average over 6 hours of video content through their smartphones on a monthly basis and at least 45% express an explicit preference for their phone over desktops & laptops. This insight not only pinpoints where Hispanic Millennials are looking for content but what captures their attention as well: video content.

How do we build upon this foundation now that we know our platform and content type? Identifying the values that engage Hispanic Millennials online. While brands are looking to build a connection of their own surprisingly that is the very thing Hispanic consumers and Hispanic Millennial consumers do the most online, they reach out to each other through new messaging channels like Snapchat, reaching out to bloggers and even brands themselves on traditional social media platforms such as Facebook, and using old platforms in new ways by once again tuning into video content through YouTube by using the platform to access information in the form of how-to’s/tutorials as well as product/service reviews and recommendations from famous Vloggers and influencers.

Even though they access different channels their purpose remains the same: Hispanics are very social and love to share their own experiences with family and friends and Hispanic Millennial consumers use these online channels to fulfill the very same purpose of sharing their personal experiences and valuing the information they receive in exchange as if it were word-of-mouth recommendations from their family and friends in-person.

Additional reports support these findings as 67% of these US Hispanic consumers report they have switched from preferred brands if another brand engaged with them through mobile apps or social media platforms with visually engaging video content or promotional content that offered better discounts or simply compelling incentives and reasons to give their brand a try. Simply by establishing a common ground with these consumers: be it through funny informative videos or content that shows an understanding of Hispanic Millennials’ love for nostalgia, by being simple and personal in how they interact with these consumers brands can make messages that matter to these Millennials and in-turn effectively build their relationships with Hispanic and Multicultural Millennials over time.

We at VRTC hope you look forward to the final installment of this series as we identify the content elements that engage and speak to the Millennial aspect of Multicultural Millennials in order to identify what messages really matter to them and will produce results for brands and companies that want to spark product conversations with this group. Big or small, VRTC works to help brands make their marketing goals a reality. For access to communication solutions that help your brand connect with your audience in a simple and personal matter, simply fill out our contact form or #AskVRTC.

Sources: Pew Research Center, Google, BizReport, Nielsen
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