Huevo San Juan | An Eggcellent Digital Media Case Study

An Example Of What Was Accomplished For Huevo San Juan

Cracking The Shell Between A Brand And Its Audience:

  • VRTC’s sister company, Colmena Interactive recently achieved great success in connecting Huevo San Juan (HSJ) with its Hispanic Audience.
  • With the slogan “The best we have inside” and creative promotional materials Colemana made HSJ more humanized and relatable.
  • Not only was this marketing strategy successful, the campaign attracted great positive attention from online news outlets and went viral.

Huevo San Juan is An Eggcellent Digital Media Case Study showing how a Brand was humanized and went viral to connect with its Hispanic Audience. VRTC’s sister company, Colmena Interactive created much buzz during the week of August 19th, 2017 as their campaign for their client, HSJ went live. Through the creative brand slogan “The best we have inside”, inspired by connecting the idea of  by paying tribute to Mexican citizens who have embarked on a journey from their home with only one carton to transport their belongings and the concept of the humble egg cartons by which HSJ shares its products with its consumers. This eggcellent case study also shows that this success was no accident, no case of what came first: the chicken or the egg, with proper planning and understanding of an audience only eggcellent results were in store for this campaign.

Through careful audience observation by Vertice and Huevo San Juan, Colmena was able to determine that people were creatively reusing/up-cycling the brand’s cardboard egg cartons due to the resistant nature of the material the cartons are made from being capable of transporting a product as fragile as an egg. Some used them as a crate/kennel for their pets, others as small/mini wardrobes  and a large majority, as a suitcase to carry their personal belongings.

It was there that inspiration struck first and it soon became this phrase printed on the cartons: “It’s a suitcase, but it also can be used to pack eggs.”

This idea while great had to evolved and be taken up a notch, so from that point a new idea was born: the egg cartons were “transformed” into actual suitcases as a way of paying homage to Mexicans who have had to travel daily to new destinations in search of a dream or to improve their quality of life.

That’s not where this success story ends. From this point Colmena took their concept and ran with it. They took HSJ by the hand to launch a literal social action to get the attention of media (literally bringing together the idea of social media) called “I Want My San Juan Egg Suitcase”, based out of a popular bus terminal in Mexico City, the Terminal Passenger Bus Terminal (TAPO).

News was shared that the two would be distributing the suitcases at the terminal on the weekend of August 19 and 20 and it was a sizzling sensation as it was gobbled up quickly by digital media news outlets such as BuzzFeedEl Financiero and HuffPost Mexico.

The help of ADO (Autobuses de Oriente) was key in this portion of the social action marketing campaign as it provided a space to carry out this social action and house the attention of the media. As a team they took on the task of locating people traveling with a HSJ egg carton using it as luggage and inviting them to approach a touch screen programmed to explain step by step the dynamics of this activity. This consisted of taking a photo showing off their egg carton luggage and their boarding passes and afterwards they were rewarded with the branded suitcases to place their belongings in their new home. Finally afterwards the previously used egg cartons were promptly and properly receycled.

This campaign also brought to light the stories of these travelers that made this social action more worthwhile. For example Julio, a father of a family, belonging to a Wixárika community in San Cristobal de la Barranca, Jalisco, who, along with his daughter Graciela, was traveling to Puebla for a medical appointment because Julio had a visual disability. However, in order to buy tickets to get back home, they were having to sell handicrafts they brought with them. After learning of this as a sign of support, in addition to giving them their bags, HSJ also provided tickets for them to get back home.

Like this, there were more stories that showed that Mexicans and those of us of Mexican heritage always have a dream that travels with us to any destination. However, this story still lives on with the campaign because in the coming days Colmena plans to harness the power of Huevo San Juan‘s social media networks to spread the message of this campaign so that more Mexicans have the opportunity to get one of these suitcases and continue to carry their biggest dreams with them everywhere.

Through detecting and understanding such valuable insight of a brand’s audience, it was possible to strengthen this campaign “The best we have inside” and help it to take on new meaning, new purpose and new life thanks to the teamwork between Vértice, Colmena Interactive and Huevo San Juan.


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