Marketing to Multicultural Audiences: Your Brand’s Golden GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!

From June 3rd to June 26th, 2016 the United States will be hosting Copa America Centenario, an international soccer tournament with ties to over $333 million dollars in sponsorship alone. Is your brand making the most of these circumstances and marketing to multicultural audiences? If not, then it’s time to kick your marketing game up a notch and make the most of multicultural marketing opportunities like these.


With each passing day, the global market takes another step towards multicultural marketing becoming standard practice as technology continues to bridge the gap between communities, countries, and consumers. Events like Copa America Centenario and the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics impact audiences all over the world and demonstrate the sheer potential value of marketing to multicultural audiences.

These events clearly establish that one well-placed goal can make all the difference in a race for the gold. This is true for both individual competitors and brands at these events. Not sure if your brand is ready to compete? Here are three reasons why you should pursue multicultural marketing before it’s too late.

1. Big Names on Bigger Playing Fields – Smart Brands Go Above and Beyond When Marketing to Multicultural Audiences

Only the absolute best are selected to represent their countries in prestigious, multinational events like Copa America Centenario and Rio 2016. Global companies such as Nike and Adidas immediately come to mind as featured brands during premier sporting events – but Samsung? Tag Heuer? Where do they fit in?

These companies realize the value and impact of reaching beyond their industry. They embrace the opportunity to be with their consumers when and where their interests take them. With over $1 billion tied to advertising rights and a guaranteed worldwide viewership, the allure of multicultural marketing is clearly justified as a profitable strategy worth understanding and adopting.

2. All That Glitters is Not Just Gold – Multicultural Marketing Provides More than Revenue

Global brands get involved with these global sporting events because they bring so many different target markets together in one audience. Big or small, there is no reason for any brand to shy away from multicultural marketing. Just as these events bring a variety of sports fans and teams together, they also bring a variety of brands and consumers together.

This brings a wealth of opportunities for big and small brands alike. Small brands can utilize this unique synergy of elements to be seen in the same light as larger brands. Established brands can strategically make use of this momentum to take their business, brand awareness and products to the next level.

Brands that strategically implement a campaign during these events with the multicultural consumer in mind can win in more ways than one. In addition to reaping revenue rewards, brands that market to multicultural audiences on such a global stage:

Expand brand awareness among both new and current audiences

Make a good, culturally relevant impression with previously unreachable audiences

Build brand advocacy with their current audience

3. Your Winning Team and Playbook are Already in Place

As Nike’s now-famous slogan goes: “Just do it.” According to Mintel, 55% of sports fans are active on social media. However, consider this – these events are bringing together more than just sports fans. These events are bringing together multicultural audiences from every city, every state, every country, and every walk of life.

What’s more, major social media platforms such as Twitter have now made it possible for audiences to view live content within their feeds. Emerging social platforms such as Periscope and Snapchat are actually tailor-made for engaging live audiences.

So what does this mean? Well, with the right campaign and insights you could address the multicultural audience tuning into these events not only where they are located, but also wherever they go. But how?

Chances are you already have a marketing team in place. Use their talents and resources to create a multicultural advertising plan for these events. You may not even need to alter your brand or campaign messaging so long as it translates reasonably well across languages and cultures. If you have a digital or social media marketing team, increase their reach and efficacy. Make sure they take every opportunity to actively engage with this connected, global audience.

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Marketing and Advertising to Multicultural Audiences – The New Gold Medal Standard

Multicultural marketing is quickly growing closer to becoming standard practice for all brands. It would be in any smart marketer’s interest to prioritize developing results-driven marketing strategies with multicultural audiences in mind.

You have the tools already available to seize the opportunities that come not only from momentous, multinational occasions, but everyday events as well. All you need now is the proper insights to shape your brand’s messaging so it effectively connects with the multicultural audience – and, most of all, the drive to pursue this golden opportunity like an Olympic champion.

We at VRTC hope this information motivates you to take your marketing efforts to the next level. Is there anything you would like to add to the conversation? If so, please leave a comment and share your experience. If you enjoyed the article, share it! For further insights and discussion, simply #AskVRTC.

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