#MayThe4BeWithYou: Four Reasons Why The Fourth City is perfect for Small Bussines Road to success

What defines a prosperous city for small business success? Is it the location, its size, the economy, the people? In Houston’s case it’s all of the above. These elemental “forces,” if you will, continue to work in balance with a robust workforce to create the prosperous powerhouse that Houston is today.

According to a recently published study by the Houston Business Journal, Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States, and it now ranks as the fourth fastest growing city for small businesses in our country. What’s more, Houston is still growing and still building momentum. With that steady, continued growth comes more and more opportunities for small business success.

Houston hasn’t had any problems helping small businesses create success in the past. In recognition of #SmallBusinessWeek, here are four reasons why you should reflect today on why Houston can be the perfect home for your small business both now and in the future.

1. Houston is the Strategic Location You’re Looking For

As many larger companies have demonstrated, Houston’s location provides many scalable opportunities to small businesses no matter the product or target market. Houston is an energy industry dynamo (#punintended, #ForeverOrange); however, there are more diverse forces powering this energy temple than meets the eye.

Houston is also a thriving port city. While the Port of Houston is utilized to great effect by energy companies, it also excels as a hub for importing and exporting goods and products for countless other industries. Everything from automobiles to retail merchandise makes its way through the port. This feature contributes to the city’s success in the distribution and the transportation industries.

Despite its status as a port city, Houston is made up of a large urban sprawl with deep, inland roots. A vast network of key highways and interstates facilitates the ground transportation of goods. Additionally, access to two major airports means your product can be sent to almost any destination.

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2. It’s Not a Trap: Everything is Bigger in Texas
and Houston is Still Growing

Houston’s prime location is not the only beneficial force driving small business success. Many thriving organizations have found it’s the ideal locale for hosting small business operations, period. Houston is home not to just one – but several business and financial districts.

Despite the large amount of companies that are already headquartered and/or thriving in this city, there is still plenty of room left to spare for new businesses and their employees thanks to the large amount of available real estate. Plus, the culturally-diverse, galaxy-sized population maximizes the potential of your prospective customers and employees.

No matter your market niche and no matter your need – any small business is quite capable of finding the perfect place to call home in Houston. Both the financial atmosphere and the workforce, it would seem, are strong with this one.

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3. Succeed with Houston Growth or Succeed Not
– There is No Try

Houston’s title as the fourth fastest growing city for small businesses in the country is not just for show. Houston Business Journal’s study indicates that the amount of small businesses within this city has grown by 5.56% over a three-year period. This has resulted in 125,431 new small businesses in the area – and counting.

What’s more, both the thriving, established businesses and an increase in new business prospects have resulted in a population influx. If you are a new business seeking to strategically and synergistically generate success from a growing, melting pot of people, Houston is the market you’re looking for. Its ever-growing, ever-changing population creates a continuous demand for a wide variety of products and services.

4. Always in Motion, the Future
of Small Business is in Houston

The average business owner in Houston is not your average business owner. Houston is not only a diverse landscape geographically, but demographically as well. Houston may be the fourth largest and fourth fastest growing city, but it is also the most diverse city in the country. It’s not a trap – with over 90 languages spoken throughout its current population, this city offers a wealth of opportunity when it comes to the multicultural market.

One of the largest growing presences in Houston small business ownership is the Hispanic population. The Hispanic and Latino market makes up 43.8% of the city’s overall population. Furthermore, Hispanic-owned businesses now account for 36% of the businesses operating within the city. This figure will only continue to grow with time.

Additional proof that Houston is a progressive city is found in the fact that it has the most women-owned businesses in Texas. Other minority segments also find success here. Always in motion the future is, but if you want a glimpse into the future of how small and large businesses will operate in this country then look no further than Houston, Texas.

Find Small Business Success in a
Multicultural “Galaxy” Not So Far Away

Houston goes by many names and you’ve probably heard them all before: Bayou City, Space City, Mission Control, etc. But there’s more to this mosaic of people and places than catchy nicknames. It is a place where you can experience new things, meet new people, and hear a new language almost every day of the year.

It is a city where you can see the future of not just business, but also the state and country that holds it, develop right before your eyes. It is a place any person, any business, or any industry can proudly call their home and find an opportunity for success. Don’t believe us? We find your lack of faith disturbing.

We at VRTC hope this information motivates you to give Houston more than a thought or two when considering where to establish your small business. Is there anything you would like to add to the conversation? If so, please leave a comment and share your experience. If you enjoyed the article, share it!

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Source: Houston Business Journal
Image Source: Texas Monthly
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