Millennials & Multiculturalism: Making Messages That Matter Part 3

Learning how to engage Multicultural Millennials is key to making messages that matter to Millennials

Millennials continue to be the focal point of efforts put forth from brands and companies in order to diversify their audience and propel the message of their brand to new heights and new territory. While many may know by now that Millennials comprise 25% of the US population many still search high and low for an answer, a solution, to what messages really get this group’s attention. In searching for a way to build their connection a common thread that connects many Millennials has been overlooked: they are Multicultural. This entry will demonstrate what content qualities speak to Millennial consumers and why understanding their Multicultural bond is the key factor in shaping messages that will truly matter and build connections with Multicultural Millennial consumers.

Our previous entry in this series outlined many elements that needed to be taken into consideration by brands in order to understand the consumer behavior of Hispanic Millennials. Why? It is crucial to understand Hispanic Millennial consumers because most Millennials that identify as Multicultural are of Hispanic descent. By approaching these Multicultural consumers with this perspective it becomes much easier to determine a starting point and benchmark for creating content and identifying ways for your brand to engage them. Here are a few noteworthy takeaways:


  1. At least 10 million Hispanics access video content through their smartphones and a significant amount express a strong preference for using their phone vs a desktop.
  1. Hispanics and especially Hispanic Millennials use their preferred platforms on the devices they’re connected to in order to connect with others and share their experiences. They put the social in social media, they value what information that is shared with them on the same level as word-of-mouth if they feel they can trust this source and they expect the same in return when they share their own experiences.
  1. They seek common ground in the content that gets their attention, even if the content is very niche/specific or an unfamiliar point of discussion. They want to see that there is an understanding from those that want to connect with them. By taking the time to understand these consumers they’ll take the time in valuing the information and conversations you want to have to share your brand’s message.


In fact, Sharing is a very strong point of consideration that brands need to utilize and the first point of discussion in evaluating what content qualities to focus on when shaping their messages as it not only speaks to Hispanic consumers, Hispanic Millennials, or even Multicultural Millennials but Millennials in general. It speaks to many levels. Sharing is part of what shapes the Millennial identity and part of what connects them to Multiculturalism as it’s in the term itself, it’s the experience of participating in more than one culture. They may over share some things online but they also strongly feel they share strong commitments and responsibilities to many things in the world. From society to their friends and family to the causes they support, they have to share it all so everyone can positively benefit.

In regards to content reports support that sharability is a vital element in content that will get their attention as 66% of Millennials have seen value in recommendations and suggestions made to them through social media. This aspect of sharability also reflects the nature of trust, the two go hand-in-hand and this can be seen in the behaviors demonstrated by Hispanic Millennials in the information they receive. If a Multicultural Millennial or Millennial in general sees that this content is being shared by their family or friends with good reason then this automatically generates a strong basis for trust and provides an opportunity for a brand to share their content and build a connection.

The applications of sharing go beyond this notion as well. Brands and companies that share a piece of themselves when building a connection with Millennials often find the success they were hoping for. Whether it’s a behind the scenes look at what the brand does or a simple Q & A, this is part of the “transparency” and “authenticity” that many Millennials refer to and idealize when they describe brands that appeal to them which Mintel confirms. With the amount of ways they are connected online it’s quite easy for Multicultural Millennials and Millennials alike to look for the information they seek about your brand. It makes sense to show what they can’t find and only you can provide. We also see this reflected in what engages Hispanic Millennials and the same can be said for Multicultural Millennials, if you can find common ground and show the human side of your brand and give these consumers that experience you can build a trust in your brand that can build the relationship you seek.

We’ve covered quite a bit of ground in just two points alone: Sharability goes a long way in identifying content that engages Multicultural Millennials and Millennials in general and by focusing on this trait your brand can highlight the aspects that showcase its authenticity and achieve transparency to build trust with these consumers. This leads into the third and final quality that engages Multicultural Millennials and speaks to Millennials in general: The Experience factor. Content needs to be an experience. It may be cliché but if they aren’t living to share then Millennials are living for experiences. These aren’t just any experiences but one-of-a-kind and personalized experiences.

It speaks to the nature of these consumers and once again it is reflected in what engages Hispanic Millennials as finding common ground is part of what makes these experiences more personalized and engages these consumers. Yes, a Q & A or a video is good content that can provide an experience but brands also have to show that they understand why these consumers want to know these things. Taking the time to listen, taking the time to be simple and personal in how they engage with these consumers goes a long way in producing content that will get their attention as seen by many consumer experience success stories. By showing that you put time and consideration towards creating an experience for these consumers you show that their needs matter to your brand and they’ll respond in kind showing that your message truly does matter in their eyes.

We at VRTC hope you found this series to be informative and helpful for helping your efforts in shaping your messages to effectively build a connection and relationship with Multicultural Millennial consumers. Big or small, VRTC works to help brands make their marketing goals a reality. For access to communication solutions that help your brand connect with your audience in a simple and personal matter, simply fill out our contact form or #AskVRTC.

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