Multicultural Consumers Product Trend Of 2017 Is Simple And Personal

The Product Trend Of 2017 For Multicultural Consumers Is Simple And Personal
Multicultural Consumers Product Trend Of 2017 Is Simple And Personal. In this article you will discover how consumers are looking for simple and personal in their product choices. What’s more you will also learn the motivations behind the rise of simple and personal being a strong and influential product trend in 2017 with these Multicultural Consumers and what it means for the next generation of consumers. Although with each passing day technology advances by leaps and bounds consumers and especially Multicultural Consumers are now looking for only one thing in the products they purchase: Simple and Personal.

Simple Is In: The Deciding Factor For Many Multicultural Consumers

If the recent report of soda being dethroned by bottled water from Business Insider is any indication then the message is loud and clear: consumers want simple products. What’s more they want products made with simple, whole and real ingredients that also feature these ingredients prominently displayed with simple ingredient lists. A recent report also indicated that whenever new products are featured that attract the interest of a multicultural consumer 75% report they will most likely research online to verify and fact check the health claims made by the product. However the interesting outcome to this story is that once in-store the most significant influencer on their purchasing decision comes down to the ingredient list. If the product features simple, whole ingredients, nothing more and nothing less, then that is what will persuade and sway the Multicultural Consumer to try the new product.

The same outcomes have been seen in how Multicultural Consumers learn about other new products as well such as clothes and fashion brands. Sometimes less is more in sharing the brand message. Namely consumers look to see what causes they support. If the brand supports an ethical cause that resonates with the Multicultural Consumer then that already shows that this is a brand that understands their consumer because they support the same values and share the same message. Brands should show support to receive support from new fans interested in trying their products. Simple no?

Personal Puts The Power To The People In More Ways Than One

Personalization has also been trending with Multicultural Consumers and influencing what and how they purchase new products. The biggest growing indicator of this trend being an influencing factor for not only this generation of Multicultural Consumers but the next generation is the rising influence of Amazon on retail stores and markets. Not only can consumers select from a universe of products but they can make each purchase as personal and customized as they desire at any time they like.

Personal also is very literal in this case in several ways of influencing the purchasing decisions of Multicultural Consumers. Social Media and Word of Mouth are still powerful tools for both brands and consumers. For example, on a weekly basis reports show that 1 out of 4 Multicultural Consumers learn about new retail store deals and specials via Social Media Influencers they follow as well as their close personal friends on Social Media.

Personal also goes hand in hand with technology in the case that many consumers especially Millennial Multicultural Consumers are using mobile coupons the most to find the best deals for their needs in-store. Recent findings indicate that these Millennial Consumers account for at least 70% or more of the 121.3 million mobile coupon users in the US. What’s more even with the significant use of mobile coupons to use as needed Multicultural Millennial Consumers still seek more value and also utilize paper coupons now more so than Gen X Consumers.

Finally the personal lives of Multicultural Consumers also impact what they buy and what they want to try based on their ethnicity and cultural upbringings as well. Stores have been quick to pick up on this trend as the Total Market has been evolving into a Multicultural Market and families have been embracing new flavors and ideas. Nevertheless with such a great population size the product preferences of Multicultural Consumers whether Asian, Hispanic/Latin or African cannot be ignored and with the embrace of their cultural preferences this surely indicates that Simple and Personal in product preference cannot be ignored for much longer either.

We at VRTC, Inc. hope this information motivates you and your brand to begin engaging our diverse and evolving Multicultural Market in the US by being Simple and Personal.  Is there anything you would like to add to the conversation? If so, leave a comment and share your experience. If you enjoyed the article, share it! For further insights (now straight to your email through our monthly newsletter), discussion or inquiries for help in sparking your own product conversations fill out our contact form or simply #AskVRTC.

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