Multicultural Marketing and Going Beyond the Full 90 Minutes: Why All Brands Should Root for Global Sports Events

Summer hasn’t officially started; however, it’s already set to be defined by an astonishing series of sports events. Even if the fans are rooting for different countries and teams, these events will bring the whole world to cheer together as one. By adopting and embracing multicultural marketing, brands ensure they have the advantage of always being on the winning team.


The 2012 London Olympics reportedly resulted in $1.3 billion in ad sales and Rio 2016 is projected to surpass this benchmark. Needless to say, it can be very lucrative for brands and businesses taking part. What’s more, the Olympics isn’t the only event taking place. Currently Copa America Centenario and the UEFA Euro 2016 tournaments are just starting to heat up – and so are fans  all over the world. Even though they are located all over the world and cheer for different teams, these fans still cheer and support these events as one.


Brands can harness this theme of unity to their benefit because the audience these events attract is both large and diverse. Marketers can easily make their brands part of these events by embracing this theme of unity through multicultural advertising. In doing so, brands make themselves not just a part of this valuable $1.3 billion industry but also a part of the conversation in many peoples’ lives. They become a part of their consumers’ story and experiences – which results in brand loyalty and advocacy.


While the amount of money invested into these events grows with each new iteration, the difficulty curve for brands to make themselves a part of these events shrinks significantly. Publishers and media companies are making it exponentially easier for marketers to get involved and get their brands known during these sports events. If brands use the right multicultural marketing gameplan and think outside the ‘box,’ they won’t need to ‘bend it like Beckham.’ In fact, as many athletes will tell you too much effort  can lead to Overtraining Syndrome and this is no different for brands as too much enthusiasm can lead to undesired outcomes if they are not careful. There’s no need to go all-out with flashy ad campaigns to woo the fans and earn their brand loyalty as this example clearly illustrates.

As you can see, all it takes is the willingness for brands to make themselves a part of the consumer’s conversation and be a part of their community. Platforms like Snapchat, Vine, and Instagram easily make it possible for brands to be present and involved with their consumers no matter where they are. YouTube enables even craftier minds to weave their brand’s narrative along with gripping or inspiring stories into the ongoing story of fans cheering around the world. Sounds simple, no? Or perhaps it can be even simpler with the aid of an agency that specializes in solving communication problems and connecting brands messages with their consumers through simple & personal marketing strategies.

We at VRTC hope this information motivates you to make your brand a part of events on a global scale like Rio 2016 and Copa America even if your efforts are more local. It makes for a perfect play and total marketing sense that brands go for the gold and play their part during these events in order to reach more consumers.

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