Multicultural Millennials Are Mixing Up New Drink Trends

New Drink Trends Multicultural Millennials Are Mixing Up

Multicultural Millennials Are Mixing Up New Drink Trends and the Drink Industry is about to be shaken up in a big way. In this article we’ll highlight what’s driving drink sales with Multicultural Millennials, what drink trends are buzzing with Millennials’ adventurous palates and what’s next on tap for Multicultural Millennial craft beverage enthusiasts.

Adventurous Palates Are Guiding Millennial Drink Purchases

Millennials and especially Multicultural Millennials are known for being very adventurous and culturally open-minded so it should come as no surprise the same go-with-the-flow nature applies to what they’re found enjoying with friends. With that being said this extends directly to their point of purchase as over 50% of Millennials report they buy and try new drinks out of home at bars and restaurants rather than in-home or those of their friends. Once they’re ready to whet their whistles the number one go is beer and while you may expect it to be local craft beers trends actually point towards Millennials favoring imported brands over domestic, especially Hispanic brands with drink sales increasing as high as 61%.

Multicultural Flavors Mingle And Mix Well With Millennials

The revelation that imported beer brands are growing faster than craft beer brands shouldn’t be taken as sobering revelation though as it actually adds up when you consider that Hispanic Millennials account for a large percentage of Multicultural Millennials. Additional proof can be found in increasing sales of Tequila and Mezcal respectively with the only spirits that see a consist appeal and stronger sales from Millennials being Whiskey and Vodka. As Millennials and Generation Z begin to come of age this trend should begin to evolve as well with experienced and adventurous palates guiding mixologists’ pours. Reports indicate that global events also guide the palates of culturally open-minded Millennials as one drink trend that has been on the rise since the Summer of 2016 has been traditional South American and South American-inspired cocktails.

Millennials On The Move Want To Mix Quick Drinks & Experiences

As Millennials’ palates evolve and become more sophisticated one wonders what could be on-tap next with these drink enthusiasts. Despite being adventurous the next step is much more simple, straight-forward and streamlined: Quick Turnarounds with a Wow Factor. This also should be no surprise as Millennials have grown with the rise of instant digital gratification and witnessed the birth of technology that allows them to get bar recommendations just by opening an app or even finding complicated drink recipes made simple through the magic of search engines. Having grown accustomed to instant gratification of such nature it should be no surprise that they expect actual service from their bartenders to now be the very same, they appreciate experiences and especially the experience a night out with friends can bring, they live for it, but they’d like to enjoy their experience before their drink goes flat.

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