Build Connections With Multicultural Millennials Through Messages That Matter

Multicultural Millennials: Making Messages That Matter Part 1

Millennials are still one of the most frequently discussed marketing topics and with good reason. They are one of the largest generations in the US and are reaching the prime of their earning years. And yet despite the amount of coverage Millennials have received up to this date they are still talked about as if they are a recent phenomenon. This article as part of a three-part series will reveal and discuss the most overlooked reason behind Millennials’ continuous relevancy that brands, businesses, and companies must identify and take into consideration when trying to build a relationship with these consumers: Many Millennials identify as Multicultural.


According to a study conducted by Nielsen, 40% of Millennial consumers in the US identify as multicultural. Furthermore: a majority of Millennials in general show great enthusiasm for appreciating cultures outside of their own with 84% reporting that they enjoy any experiences that invite them to explore outside of their own culture. In addition to these findings the majority of these Millennials that consider themselves intrinsically Multicultural are of Hispanic descent.


So what does this mean for brands? This means in order to shape brand messages that matter and connect with the story of these Multicultural Millennials brands need to understand the dynamics behind not just how Millennial consumers but Hispanic Millennial consumers engage and interact with the brands they enjoy the most. This also means that brands would benefit the most by shifting from a total market strategy to a multicultural marketing strategy in order to identify and understand multicultural consumer behaviors and build that highly-coveted lasting relationship with these consumers.


These are just a few of the many factors that need to be taken into consideration by brands as they shift to a multicultural marketing strategy: what content, the message your brand wants to build a connection with, connects with these consumers, how they engage with this content, where and when are they engaging, and the type of content that matters most in connecting with Multicultural Millennial consumers. All of these elements need to be addressed in order to create product conversations that produce results that matter.


We at VRTC hope you enjoyed this introductory entry and look forward to the next installment of this series as we examine and identify what matters and appeals to the Hispanic dimension of Multicultural Millennials in order to help you shape messages that will matter most and effectively connect with these consumers. Big or small, VRTC works to help brands make their marketing goals a reality. For access to communication solutions that help your brand connect with your audience in a simple and personal matter, simply fill out our contact form or #AskVRTC.

Sources: Nielsen
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