Now Boarding Travel Planning Trends Of Multicultural Consumers

Multicultural Consumers Are Planning To Travel!

Now Boarding Travel Planning Trends Of Multicultural Consumers! As we enter Vacation Season many Multicultural Consumers are well on their way to deciding on their next travel destination. In this series of articles you’ll discover the latest travel planning trends of Multicultural Consumers as we map out how they determine the potential destinations for their trips, how they determine their method of travel and when they travel and what are the trends in how they ultimately book their tickets to their next adventure.

Inspired Insights: I’d Like To Go (Back) There Someday

So what inspires and informs Multicultural Consumers as they’re planning to travel and making possible itineraries? According to Mintel, with each passing year Social Media as well as review and blog sites continue to grow as a key source of travel ideas and inspiration for Multicultural Consumers of all ages. Surprisingly there is no definitive and dominant demographic making travel arrangements as there are distinct factors at work that spur travel. Multicultural Millennials hop on the opportunity to travel as a way of tackling their bucketlist as they live for experiences and some Millennials make the most of pre-assigned trips such as business trips by planning out potential stops around their destination. These “bleisure” trips while often to Domestic locations in the US are still considered a check off their list which fuels the desire and inspiration for International travel when they have the funds and time to do so.

Affluent Multicultural Gen X Consumers that are parents are more the core demographic for International travel. More often than not these travelers are inspired by nostalgia and seek out trips to their country of origin in order to share their heritage with their family. Older affluent Multicultural Consumers such as Baby Boomers actually are the most inclined to International travel although Domestic travel is still popular. Much of their inspiration along with Multicultural Millennials surprisingly is gained through Travel shows they see on TV. Overall just like the travelers themselves the Travel industry is on the move with so many new sources of inspiration and motivation for Multicultural Consumers to get out and see the World.

Have Will, Will Travel!

The means of transportation taken by Multicultural Travelers is just as segmented as the demographics. Once again Multicultural Millennials are a mixed bunch in that many Domestic trips are by car. Road Trips are a key driver of getting the most out of an experience for Multicultural Millennial Travels. The aforementioned “bleisure” trippers tend to favor air travel while in a surprising twist those that vacation for relaxation primarily Hispanic Millennials are more likely to book a cruise (38% reported taking a cruise last year as a matter of fact.) Affluent Older Multicultural Consumers are just as segmented and depends mainly on the size of the group traveling to determining their method of reaching their destination. For smaller groups or single travelers money is no option and International travel by air is almost certain, larger families still travel by air if they have the funds to do so however the larger the group the more likely a Domestic trip is in store.

Next Stop: Adventure

Once a destination is determined the two most popular routes to arranging their travel plans are the most traditional. 64% of Multicultural Millennials will search online for the best deals, as many as 41% share their plans with friends on social media in order to obtain any advice, opinions, tips or information to get the most out of their trip and even find a way of making their trip much more budget friendly. Another way they make the most of their trip with tighter budgets is working with travel agents and travel agencies. They may even pick trip packages to fit under their budget and still get an experience from their destination for the price and time they have available. One thing is for certain is that many aspects of their trip are bound to be shared with family and friends once they’ve arrived at their destination.

Multicultural Consumers that are parents, especially dads, are the most prone to doing the travel research, making an itinerary (even when travel agents are involved) and booking the travel. What’s more they use a variety of media to make their trip possible. Not only are they looking online and consulting travel agents, 69% also report using print media to map out their travel plans for their family. Once again all that can be guaranteed once everything is set in place is that an adventure is about to unfold for these Multicultural travelers.

The journey is just beginning in our series. What’s next on mapping out the travel trends of Multicultural Consumers? Getting to the heart of the matter: Understanding the why behind their travel plans and what motivates their desire to see the World. For further insights (now straight to your email through our monthly newsletter), discussion or inquiries for help in sparking your own product conversations fill out our contact form or simply #AskVRTC.

Sources: Google, Mintel
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