Sí The World Through My Eyes: Cultural Insight and Marketing

Our last series examined the multicultural ties of Millennials and the importance of understanding all the cultural behaviors of Hispanic Millennials because they are shaping the defining characteristics of this generation given they comprise the majority of Multicultural Millennials. Today we’re sharing with you a short film that will demonstrate why Culture Insight and Marketing will be a tried & true combination needed to reach future consumers because these cultural ties only grow stronger with each new generation.

Today we’re sharing a short film that highlights what shapes today’s Hispanic Millennials and demonstrates why cultural insight and marketing go hand in hand. We created “Sí The World Through My Eyes” in order to share with you the viewer an invitation to experience a brief look into the cultural point of view from a Hispanic Millennial American to generate an understanding of the community, culture, and experiences that shapes the next driving force of America’s cultural landscape. Hispanic Millennials and even Generation Z Hispanics are influencing not just the direction of their respective generations as our recent series and other reports point towards but the consumer behaviors that will soon be commonplace as the market evolves towards addressing all consumers based on cultural insight and context rather than speaking to just one audience as a whole.

Therefore it is becoming increasingly important to understand the elements this film encapsulates. Culture is only one word but there are many elements that contribute to it: daily lifestyles, memories and experiences, the nurture and nature effect of a community; There are all vital ingredients that contribute to this single concept and yet on their own also provide touch points that individual audience members can identify and relate to in their own way as having experienced within their own life as well.

That is exactly what cultural insights can provide a well-thought out marketing strategy and why cultural insight & marketing are destined to be the next way of reaching an audience because by taking the time to understand the individual factors that contribute to the values of the audience you want to reach you allow your message to take shape and become more multipurpose because it will be understood on more than one level. By gaining that cultural understanding and the context of your audience’s background you make your message more relatable and personal (and as Generation Z Hispanics will attest they want a message that speaks to them, not at them), you establish common ground with your audience immediately, and at that point you can effectively build trust and lasting connections.

We at VRTC invite you to take your time watching our short piece and take to heart all you can from the cultural insights it shares about the nuances that make up the community, experiences, and daily life of the Hispanic Millennial American sharing his story with you throughout the film in order to understand the perspective that will shape the values of future generations of consumers.

Big or small, VRTC works to help brands make their marketing goals a reality, build lifelong connections within the Hispanic community, and help spark product conversations with their audiences even when multicultural marketing becomes commonplace.  For access to communication solutions that help your brand connect with your audience in a simple and personal matter, simply fill out our contact form or #AskVRTC.

Sources: Nielsen, PRWeek
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