Snacking Culture: How Hispanic Consumers Influence Snack Trends

Hispanic Consumers Influence Snack Trends Through Snacking Culture

Snacking Culture: How Hispanic Consumers Influence Snack Trends is becoming more and more inspired by a combination of new and old as we now see in today’s diverse multicultural market: one person’s chips and dip has now evolved into another person’s nachos. This holds true for how US Hispanic consumers influence snack trends today. In this article we will cover how culture, traditions and upbringing has influenced the variety of flavors Hispanic consumers enjoy, how the youthful nature of today’s Hispanic market has influenced these consumers’ snacks of choice and how Hispanic consumers are now setting new snack trends.

You Say Salt And Pepper, US Hispanics Say Heritage And Culture

One of the biggest influences on Hispanic snack purchases and preferences that “flavors” their decisions in the snacks they choose is their heritage, culture and upbringing. 45% of US Hispanic consumers that actively purchase snacks are buying these snacks with their family’s tastebuds in mind. Even today’s Hispanic Millennials buy with experience of others in mind and view browsing and shopping supermarkets for snacks an experience in itself.

Why is that? Because a traditional Hispanic upbringing has a strong emphasis on family. Due to the youth of the Hispanic market Hispanic households compared to other households in the Total market are also more likely to have more than 2 generations of family present in the home so the emphasis of this cultural cornerstone is often upheld and passed on to the next generation as most Hispanic traditions are. Not only that with more people more likely to be in the household at a given time Hispanic households  overindex on the amount and variety of snacks they purchase at a given time to satisfy the amount of snackers at home. Country of origin of 1st generation US Hispanics also comes into play in what types of snacks are preferred. As you may know by now the Hispanic market is not a homogenous consumer group but is in fact composed of 20+ different countries. So even one Hispanic consumer’s plate of nachos may be another’s bag of plantain chips if their family is from the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico and this is what they enjoyed snacking on as a child. This country of origin influence can also play a deciding factor if the brand is from that country of origin as well and it’s one they or their parents or even grandparents are familiar with.

The Young Hispanic Market Snacks With More Than Just Taste In Mind

As you may also know by now the Hispanic market is surprisingly young with a median age of 28. This puts them right at the heart of the Millennial demographic and in fact Hispanic Millennials account for 28% of the US Hispanic Market. Like other Millennials they also share the trait of snacking for more than one purpose such as taste. They also choose their snacks with function and health benefits in mind. In terms of function over 50% of Hispanic Millennials snack on the go and thus this lifestyle influences what types of snacks they eat when portability is a priority. Sharability is another important function in more ways than one. US Hispanic Consumers love to share with family and friends alike. Recommendations, reviews and word of mouth go far with Hispanic consumers so if they can have positive things to share about their favorite products and an easy way to share their favorite snack as well then that’s a trait that brands need to emphasize to get their mouths watering. Sharable, snackable digital content is also a plus as well! Hispanic consumers young and old also gravitate towards natural snacks with a strong emphasis on low sugar and no trans-fats. As we mentioned before, with nearly 50% of Hispanic consumers purchasing snacks with their family in mind even through they tend to buy what their children want most of the time their health and the healthiness of their snack choices is still a priority.

A Culture That Celebrates With Food Celebrates Snacks And Influences Snack Trends

Food is one of the key ways Hispanics celebrate and share their culture with their family and friends. Name an occasion and you can almost rest assured name a dish associated with it. It’s no coincidence TacoTuesdays and Nachos at the big game have taken off and grown to be huge influences in today’s Multicultural market as snack trends come and go. In fact it should come as no surprise as the Hispanic Market with its youth is becoming one of the largest populations in the US. With greater numbers (16.9 million in Hispanic Millennials alone) it’s quite simple to see how this large population can quickly start to flavor what is more commonly sold and available in markets, stores and beyond as snacks. What’s more given the nature of this market it’s also quite easy for this passion for Hispanic consumers favorite snacks and snack brands to be shared with family and friends alike.

We at VRTC, Inc. hope this information serves as food for thought to inspire you in getting a flavor for how US Hispanic consumers choose their favorite snacks and how they are setting snack trends for years to come. We also hope this information motivates you and your brand to begin engaging the the US Hispanic market and US Hispanic consumers in general as their number and influence on the diverse Multicultural market continues to grow as well.  Is there anything you would like to add to the conversation? If so, leave a comment and share your experience. If you enjoyed the article, share it! For further insights (now straight to your email through our monthly newsletter), discussion or inquiries for help in sparking your own product conversations fill out our contact form or simply #AskVRTC.

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