Sponsor the Tacolandia event and extend TABASCO’s influence in Mexican cuisine by building an association with the iconic taco.

Strategic objective


Grow presence and raise awareness of the TABASCO® Brand family of flavors’ relevance in Mexican cuisine by leveraging Hispanic market growth —especially millennials—and the general market’s heightened interest.



We decided to showcase the brand’s undying love for tacos while maintaining the essence of what makes TABASCO® a marketing powerhouse. We found no better way to represent the compatibility between the TABASCO® brand and the love for tacos than by integrating it in its own name, TAbasCO.



Attendance increased by 50% compared to the previous year. There were over 4,200 attendees as well as 732 chefs and vendors at the 2015 LA Weekly’s Tacolandia event. In addition, TABASCO® received over 5 million digital impressions and engagement from over 500,000 LA Weekly readers.


Digital impressions




LA Weekly engaged readers

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