The Hottest Food Trend In The US Is Traditional Mexican Food

Discover Why Traditional Mexican Food Is The Hottest Food Trend In The US

The Hottest Food Trend In The US Is Traditional Mexican Food! From traditional family recipes passed down from generations like a heartwarming bowl of sopa de fideo to trendy Instagram-worthy takes on elotes and esquites  to award winning restaurant tacos: traditional Mexican cuisine has never been hotter or more in the spotlight as it is now. In our latest article we’ll discover the secret ingredient to Mexican Food’s rise in popularity as a Food Trend and learn more about some of the tasty traditional dishes foodies are talking about the most!

Spicing Up Breakfast & Brunch Kickstarts Anyone’s Day

Two dishes that have quickly risen in popularity with weekend foodies and bottomless brunchers are the chile-based classic huevos rancheros and the lesser-known but equally as popular chilaquiles! What at first started as breakfast tacos in Texas and breakfast burritos in California has become even more diverse with the introduction of Americanized-riffs on these dishes like migas to the more authentic preparations diners and food explorers are falling in love with now!

Why? As any brunch-lover will tell you part of the reason for brunching is to relieve late night revelry with a hearty meal and the cuisine diners are finding most accessible and familiar but equally as tasty and comforting as traditional breakfast food is Mexican food. This not only attests for Mexican cuisine becoming just as much a national cuisine in the US and its diverse population but also for the increase in tolerance and desire for more flavorful foods from modern American palates. It’s not only heat and spice that is helping to make Mexican Food a hot/haute cuisine. Traditional morning beverages are like aguas frescas and the rice-based horchata also bring healthy and fresh flavors that Americans crave to the forefront showing that like Hispanic Consumers, not all Mexican cuisine is a homogenous genre, it’s a diverse ecosystem of flavors waiting to be discovered and experienced.

Two Snacking Cultures That Go Hand In Hand

While American Consumers have yet to embrace the meal tradition of almuerzo in favor of power and desk lunches both cultures do agree on one common practice: Snacking! In fact many of the most popular Mexican Foods in both countries were created from the very start to be ideal snacks to savor and enjoy on the go. While Instagrammable and Social Media Shareable iterations of the previously mentioned elote have been seen non-stop the traditional version with crema, butter and cheese still remains the most popular by Americans and Hispanic Americans alike. Why? Because it is a satisfying treat no matter the palate as it shares a comforting take on a readily available crop in both countries that brings up memories of nostalgia. Even more familiar dishes more familiar to the American vocabulary like quesadillas were made to be enjoyed either as a relaxed meal or a snack to enjoy anywhere.

Once again another common trend is coming to the forefront: fast food should mean fresh ingredients like freshly roasted and shucked corn and fresh preparations like assembling and griddling a quesadilla to melt the fresh cheese being emphasized over processed ingredients and reheating.

Mexican Food Culture Shows Love And Shares Memories With A Meal

The appeal of Traditional Mexican Food and Cuisine is always seen in full display over a proper evening meal. If you’ve ever grown up as a latina or a latino you know that a meal at the dinner table is never truly a meal without 20 to 30 extra minutes of conversation. Why? Because of the memories each recipe brings up. Whether it’s enjoying a meal of carne guisada or mole at home or in a restaurant there will always be mentions of either comparing the dish to how a family member would prepare it or remembering a certain occasion that happened last time one was able to savor these dishes. That distinct nostalgia factor is something that has grown on many American diners. They want to experience the same flavors and feeling the chef or cook would experience savoring the dish as they were growing up or when they fell in love with the dish and decided to learn how to prepare it. This would explain the recent spike in traditional Mexican Food recipe searches online (up 85% over the last 3 years) and visits to authentic Mexican restaurants (up by 61%) if they don’t feel they can recreate and prepare these dishes just as they were originally intended. These foodies and gourmets want to fall in love with these traditional flavors and make them a part of their own unique and diverse Food Culture and what’s more American than that?

We at VRTC, Inc. hope this information serves as food for thought to inspire you in getting a flavor for how Mexican Foods shared by US Hispanic Consumers is quickly becoming not only a hot food trend but an American cuisine enjoyed not only the US but all over the World as well and how simple, humble, traditional family recipes can quickly find new homes in the hearts and stomachs of food lovers in other cultures. We also hope this information motivates you and your brand to begin engaging the the US Hispanic market and both Mexican-American and US Hispanic consumers in general as their number and influence on the diverse Multicultural market continues to grow  as we all continue to share the love and memories our traditional foods bring to all of our lives. Is there anything you would like to add to the conversation? If so, leave a comment and share your experience. If you enjoyed the article, share it! For further insights (now straight to your email through our monthly newsletter), discussion or inquiries for help in sparking your own product conversations our readers are always free to not just explore but fill out our contact form or simply #AskVRTC.

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