The Hottest Restaurant Trends To Add To Your Menu

Update your menu and marketing strategy with the hottest restaurant trends to add to your menu!

VRTC’s Tasting Course Of The Hottest Restaurant Trends To Add To Your Menu:

  • Millennial Diners crave personal space and personal experiences from Restaurants.
  • Millennial Foodies may want their own sense of space their palettes crave everything adventurous, unique and sharable.
  • Social Media will continue to be the taste test that makes the hottest Restaurants stand out with Foodies.

Faster than the first plate of the day leaving the line restaurant trends always seem to be changing in unexpected ways from one day to the next. What’s old is new again (we’re looking at you avocado toast) and what’s new can be as simple as looking at the familiar with a new perspective such as restaurants focusing on one specific ingredient in wild, creative ways. When operating a restaurant can be a lifelong endeavor for many staying on top of the hottest restaurant trends can be just as involving as opening a second restaurant. However with this article you’ll get a helpful helping of the hottest restaurant trends to add to your menu to spice up your marketing strategy and really get cooking!

Millennial Foodies Crave Personal Space and Personal “Space”

Millennial Foodies are always buzzing with restaurant recommendations and always seem to be trying a new one every weekend but as digital innovations continue to streamline everything but the chef it seems more and more as if Millennials now have a hunger to have the restaurant experience or more specifically the food come to them. There are now over 50,000 restaurants that aren’t chains that allow their dishes to be ordered online or through apps through meal delivery services. Takeout no longer is restricted to Pizza and American Chinese Food and believe it or not but that is a wonderful thing. This desire for a wider variety, a multicultural buffet of restaurants to order from is a reflection of the variety and diversity of cuisines available within the US and the desire from foodies to sample and enjoy each one. Millennials are also driving the spur in interest in redefining reservations. Just as much as they may want their personal space and have their favorite restaurant’s food come to them when they want to get the full experience many want to be able to have that experience at times that are most convenient for them. Calling in and reserving a table or reserving online isn’t the only ingredient to getting these foodies in, many now also use apps to figure out which restaurants have the shortest and longest wait times. Forget the age old debate of where you want to eat, now it’s more about when you want to eat and how long will I have to wait to dig in to the main course?

As digital and social media innovation streamlines how a meal is experienced by diners it’s also now raising the expectations of how a restaurant will be experienced. Just as the front of the house and the food have to be on point and on time, the restaurant itself can’t be forgotten either. Location can make or break a restaurant but the actual decor and layout is a hot topic in restaurant trends as well. Just as Millennial Foodies are craving their personal “space” many restaurants are also taking these cues and making their layouts more open and catered to developing that sense of “space” diners are craving.

Call it homely, “living-room chic”, many restaurants are transforming their dining room areas to be much more comfortable and inviting as one’s own living room as to create the experience that you’re enjoying your meal in the comfort of your own home to create that sense of personal “space”. By having a variety of layouts and areas for patrons to dine and mingle for a variety of dining situations (families, foodie groups and squads, couples, single diners) and 86ing the communal dining table (when you’re trying to give a diner personal space the last thing on the diner’s mind is being sat with total strangers) you give more incentive for repeat visits because diners want to share this space so others can discover and experience this “hidden gem” of a restaurant as well.

Foodies Crave Adventure and Unique “Sharable” Dishes

As we mentioned the rise in the variety of restaurants foodies are requesting to order from on apps and online is proof that diners are getting more familiar and more comfortable with cuisines from around the world. Not only has Traditional Mexican Food been a hot trend in the industry given the growth of Hispanic Foodies in the US it’s been diving deeper into the heart of the country and now foodies are searching for regional cuisines (both International and American Regional) and regional specialities if only to experience them. In fact 2/3 of Millennial Foodies say they try new dishes just to satisfy their sense of adventure if the food is authentic. Speaking of authentic many also are being more sensible in how they choose a restaurant they want to try by seeing how much effort a restaurant puts into sustainable cooking and minimizing food waste. Just as they are connected with global cuisines many foodies are also connected with global concerns and how they can make positive impacts on the environment their meal was sourced from.

How dishes are shared too are also defining not only restaurants but brands as well given this one case sharing not only products but the restaurant experience as well. Social media at the end of the day is proving to be the ultimate taste test that defines the quality of a restaurant in more ways than one. It’s not only the food on the menu or off the menu on the “secret menu” that is sharable on Instagram or Facebook that’s up for grabs in sharable territory as reviews and word-of-mouth are still highly valued by diners from all walks of life. A picture may say a mouthful but once a diner has digested that morsel if the rest of the experience was the opposite of what was expected or simply bad they will share that information as well and that simply leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. If there is a singular trend restaurants need to add to their menu it’s strongly considering spicing up their social media presence to show not just the dishes but the personality, people and places behind those dishes. What inspired a certain special? What can diners get at your restaurant that they can’t get anywhere else? This is food for thought that not only restauranteurs need to savor and contemplate over but what many diners think about before deciding where they would like to eat at whenever a craving for adventure strikes.

We also hope our sampling of the hottest restaurant trends to add to your menu satisfied your hunger for spicing up your restaurant’s marketing strategy in engaging not just Millennial Foodies but Food Lovers, Food Bloggers, Gourmets and simply Hungry Folks from every walk of life in exciting new ways. Is there anything you would like to add to the conversation? If so, leave a comment and share your experience. If you enjoyed the article, share it! For further insights (now straight to your email through our monthly newsletter), discussion or inquiries for help in sparking your own product conversations our readers are always free to not just explore but fill out our contact form or simply #AskVRTC.

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