The Impact Event Industries Have In Multicultural Cities

DiscoverThe Impact Event Industries Have In Multicultural Cities

The Impact Event Industries Have In Multicultural Cities cannot be stressed enough. Believe it or not the economy of many multicultural hubs have begun to thrive thanks in part to each city’s own event industry in one way or another. In this article we’ll discover why the impacts are so noticeable and significant in multicultural cities, what impacts event industries are having on these established multicultural cities and ultimately what activities are attributing to these impacts.

The Greater The City, The Bigger The Audience, The Grander The Celebration

For better or worse: events are meant to bring people together period. In this case it’s for the better. That is exactly why the impact event industries have on multicultural cities are much more noticeable. Multicultural cities such as Houston, Los Angeles and New York are distinctive in their innate vast populations and population diversity (and ICYMI Houston has most recently moved to the top of the list of most diverse cities in the United States) and yet despite each city’s own unique diverse cultural ecosystem they hold one thing in common: all three cities hold more multicultural events than any other cities in the United States.

Celebrating Our Diversity Brings Everyone Together And Empowers The Community

As you can see by celebrating each city’s diversity, each city’s thriving event industry brings together and unifies millions of community members and visitors from outside the city, state and beyond. Over 145 languages are spoken in Houston and the city itself holds over 365+ multicultural events a year, essentially more events than there are days in a year and yet it has managed to attract roughly over 9 million visitors to the city each year just to participate in and enjoy cultural tourism. Even if each visitor were to spend 1 dollar visiting our city this still accounts for 9 million dollars in revenue from cultural tourism and multicultural events alone with each passing year.

The same economic impact has been overseen in Los Angeles as well. Thanks in part to its event, entertainment and hospitality industries LA was able to attract 47 million visitors and generate over 20 billion in revenue of which nearly a third of this revenue was literally generated over night meaning these were one time instances (i.e. visits strictly for distinct events.) With that being said a strong case can most definitely be made for celebrating and appreciating each city’s own cultural ecosystems and each unique cultural heritage residing within each city. Each culture only serves to fill the void of color in each city to paint a brighter picture of economic prosperity and a brighter future for each city.

Multicultural Events Matter When They’re Meaningful

Big or small, the event industries also thrive and make an impact on their cities because their multicultural events are always meaningful. Everyone is involved. Just looking back at the grandest event Houston held in February it’s easy to see that it was only accomplished because it was an event and cause that drew all of the community together. The same holds for the smaller scale festivals, celebrations and happenings within each small community that accounts for Houston’s diverse population. The same can be seen in Los Angeles and New York. There is never just 1 major celebration for a cultural or multicultural holiday in each city, there’s always several. So not only are these event industries making each event meaningful but also amplifying the effect even if they’re small-scale but holding multiple events in order to make the celebration accessible to anyone within the vast area each city spans. Nevertheless the big picture here is quite vivid and easy to see thanks to the diverse palette contributing to painting the scene: diversity, culture and multiculturalism matters now and it’s going to only matter more and more in the near future as each generation becomes more diverse and diversity becomes the new normal if it’s not already here in the greatest melting pot in the entire world: The United States.

We hope you enjoyed this article celebrating the celebrations and investigating the impact and importance the event industries of multicultural cities is having on our present economy and what they can hold in the future for not just large, established and multicultural metropolitan cities but even smaller communities in the near future as our country’s population continues to increase and diversify at an equal rate. For further insights (now straight to your email through our monthly newsletter), discussion or inquiries for help in sparking your own product conversations our readers are always free to not just explore but fill out our contact form or simply #AskVRTC.

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