Top Travel Destinations Of Multicultural Consumers In 2017

Discover The Top Travel Destinations Of Multicultural Consumers In 2017

Pack your bags full of Travel Inspiration as this next stop in our Travel and Tourism series travels nonstop around the World as we highlight Top Travel Destinations Of Multicultural Consumers In 2017! There are Vacationers, there are Tourists and there are Travelers. They may all approach their trips differently but they all have a destination in mind and we’re going on a trip to discover where these destinations are!

Millennial Multicultural Consumers Are Traveling With A Purpose In 2017

We begin our journey in discovering the Top Travel Destinations Of Multicultural Consumers In 2017 by examining this affluent demographic by segmenting them into the two main generations that are traveling the most, Millennial and Generation X Travelers, as trends have indicated that these two segments of Multicultural Consumers in particular are traveling more often with different purposes in mind at different stages of their lives.

In the case of Millennial Multicultural Consumers many are making a case of traveling with distinct and profound purposes in mind. The 3 most significant trends seen in the travel habits of Millennial Multicultural Consumers are each distinct in their own right and united by the theme of traveling with a purpose. These 3 travel trends include traveling to cross destinations of their “Bucketlist(s)”, Solo Travel for soul searching and Voluntourism or traveling to locations around the World in order to do good and enjoy a foreign destination at the same time.

Although themes tend to blur between Bucketlist Travelers and Solo Travelers the clearest distinction is in the name. Bucketlist and Solo Travel destinations may share more exotic locations in common associated with adventure travel like Thailand but as the name indicates Solo Travelers only take on the company of the locals of the destination they’re visiting while Bucketlist travelers may involve a group or “squad” of travelers visiting a destination together. Of course there are those who will travel on their own to cross a location off their “Bucketlist” as well but the purpose may differentiate between that of a Solo Traveler. “Bucketlist” travelers are also more inclined to book cruise packages (on that note it is these travelers, Multicultural Millennials, who have been instrumental in revitalizing the luxury cruise industy in the past years) to visit several locations at once such as Cozumel, Panama or Puerto Rico as well as experience a cruise for the first if not only time to say they have been on a cruise. It is also not unheard of for Solo Travelers in this case to be the ever familiar backpacker often seen moving from hostel to hostel across European destinations ranging from Madrid to Berlin to Rome.

Voluntourism as mentioned also favors exotic locations for altruistic Multicultural Millennial travelers. As UPROXX indicates these locations can vary from locations more accessible from the U.S. such as Costa Rica to far distant destinations such as Ghana and Zambia depending on the cause or charity they are supporting during their journey. Nevertheless it’s clear to see that each of these distinct travelers travels with a great purpose in mind.

Gen X Multicultural Consumers Travel At 2 Different Extremes

Moving further down the line there is a distinct trend at work with Gen X Multicultural Travelers. Many are either traveling like Bucketlist travelers and jumping head-first into adventure travel or they ease into their trips and seek out as much leisure, rest and relaxation as possible.

While many of the locations these Gen X Bucketlist Travelers are visiting share much in common with their Millennial counterparts the locations visited by Gen X Mulicultural Consumers also tend to include more domestic locations and activities. For one reason or another as much as Millennial Travelers feel it is their purpose to go out and explore their World, Gen X Travelers tend to return and rediscover the World they had in their own backyard and stick closer to home. For the most part it is thanks in great part to these Gen X Travelers that Roadtrips across the country and National Park visits have seen a resurgence in popularity. Gen X Multicultural Consumers in this moment of their lives may be feeling that perhaps now their Bucketlist doesn’t involve mingling in Munich but maybe it does now involve traveling all the way across Route 66 or exploring all the Grand Canyon has to offer.

Meanwhile at the other end there are Gen X Travelers who need to unwind and slow down from all the years of being so active and on the go. These are the travelers that are setting aside time for health and wellness and driving the popularity of Yoga retreats and Digital detoxes in various remote locations within the U.S. Another trend sending travelers to destinations much closer to home is the rise in Parents taking vacations from their family for a trip for 2 instead. Even if it’s a weekend getaway it is now becoming more common to see couples taking trips to destination cities such as Austin, Houston, Los Angeles, Seattle or locations in the Wine Country without their children in tow in order to briefly indulge in life together and get refreshed and restored which at the end of the long journey isn’t what all travelers are now searching for? To find their moment to be in the now and totally get away from it all.

The journey is nearing its conclusion as we’re booking our trip back home. What’s next on mapping out the Tourism and Travel trends of Multicultural Consumers? For the final entry of our series we’ll actually take a step back to investigate and discover the Travel Trends and Destinations of Hispanic Consumers in the midst of all these journeys as they account for a significant amount of Multicultural Consumers and thus ultimately are serving as the compass pointing to what will be the next big travel destinations and experiences on every traveler’s radar. For further insights (now straight to your email through our monthly newsletter), discussion or inquiries for help in sparking your own product conversations fill out our contact form or simply #AskVRTC.

Sources: Google, Mintel, UPROXX
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