Travel Trends And Destinations Of Hispanic Consumers In 2017

Discover The Travel Trends And Destinations Of Hispanic Consumers In 2017
We’ve reached the final destination in our Travel and Tourism series. We’ve traveled nonstop around the World discussing and highlighting not only how Multicultural Consumers are making their travel plans and why they are traveling we also pinpointed the trends pointing towards the locations these travelers are traveling to! So where can we possibly travel to from there? On our final stop in our journey we’ll examine the Travel Trends and Destinations of one of the largest and most influential demographics that make up these Multicultural Travelers, we’re talking about Hispanic Travelers! Our adventure may be drawing to a close but there is still much to discover as we examine how and where the different generations of Hispanic Travelers are traveling in 2017! In doing so we’ll be able to get a better understanding of the Travel Trends of Multicultural Travelers not only in 2017 but in the years to come!

Millennial Hispanic Consumers Are Living In The Moment In 2017

Just as we examined the Travel Destinations of Multicultural Consumers, our journey to understand the Travel Trends And Destinations Of Hispanic Consumers In 2017 must turn several corners by examining Hispanic Travelers through a segmented perspective as Hispanics are not one homogenous group and travel differently by generation based upon the world they’ve grown up in and now desire to explore.

In the case of Millennial Hispanic Consumers many could say they are the prime example of Millennial Multicultural Consumers traveling to locations and undergoing travel experiences in order to cross them off their “bucketlist”.

Like Multicultural Millennials, Hispanic Millennials this past year have been favoring more practical but still adventurous journeys to fulfill their bucketlist. Unlike Multicultural Millennials while there is a distinct trend in there being 3 different segments such as bucketlist travelers, solo travelers and voluntourists, Hispanic Millennials have simplified this trend and more often than not are opting for accessible travel ideas that do not stray too far from home such as booking a cruise or even opting for something as traditional as the all American classic notion of taking a road trip.

More often than not it is actually Hispanic Millennials at the front of the line and propelling the recent boom in Millennials booking cruise packages with destinations ranging from the Yucatan to Panama to Jamaica and everywhere in between. Hispanic Millennial Travelers also are more likely than Multicultural Millennial Travelers to travel in groups than favoring solo travel. The explanation behind this trend is not so much for the safety factor but to add to their experience as a way to share their experiences on a personal level with their friends in that it is better to celebrate as a group than celebrating on one’s own. While Hispanic Millennial Travelers have also been noted to participate in voluntourism activities it hasn’t been as common as the other demographics within Multicultural Travelers as a whole.

Gen X Hispanic Consumers Return To Their Roots

Moving on, while Millennial Hispanics don’t stray to far from home for Gen X Hispanic Travelers home is where the heart is. Many are either traveling with their home, their family, or traveling back to their home, their roots, as a way to reconnect with their culture and heritage as well as share it with their family as a way to share their home country with the next generation who may be experiencing it for the first time.

As Hispanic Consumers as a whole strongly believe in preserving and passing down family values this trend is very appropriate for this segment of travelers. While today’s Gen X Hispanic Travelers fully embrace an American lifestyle and identity their own home country or their parents’ home country still remain an integral part in their lives. In fact it is now also becoming more and more common to see Hispanic Millennials falling in line with this trend as well. Even though they’ve grown up in more progressive Hispanic-American Households they too are actively desiring to rediscover and embrace their cultural roots.

No matter the reason for rediscovering their homelands the destinations of these travelers don’t tend to veer off course and remain pretty set in stone. More often than not these travelers opt for the most practical methods of reaching their destination whether it’s a birthplace of one of their grandparents, a city where a majority of their family also calls home or a large and popular metropolitan area within their country of origin, they remain steadfast in completing their pilgrimage to this destination. Since Mexican-Americans tend to account for the majority of U.S. Hispanic Consumers it should come as no surprise that many destinations for these travelers reside within Mexico. But just as U.S. Hispanics are a diverse demographic within itself so too are the types of locales visited as Mexico in itself is a diverse landscape. From bustling cities such as Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey to the laidback beach life of locations such as Veracruz, Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta, no two experiences are the same for these Hispanic Travelers.

And with that we’ve reached the end of our incredible journey examining the popular and most talked about travel trends and destinations of several groups of travelers in 2017. But what seems like the end may only be the start because as mentioned by getting a better understanding of what is driving the journeys of these influential segments of travelers now we’ll now have an even greater grasp and comprehension for what new adventures are just beyond the horizon for not just these travelers but all travelers, vacationers, thrill seekers and more for years to come. And as usual for further insights (now straight to your email through our monthly newsletter), discussion or inquiries for help in sparking your own product conversations our readers are always free to not just explore but fill out our contact form or simply #AskVRTC.

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