Why Are Multicultural Consumers Deciding To Travel In 2017

Multicultural Consumers Are Deciding To Travel In 2017, Discover Why!

Why Are Multicultural Consumers Deciding To Travel In 2017? In the latest addition to our series of articles you’ll discover the motivations and trends inspiring the big travel decisions many Multicultural Consumers have committed to in 2017 as we map out the not just the reasoning and why of all Multicultural Consumers traveling this year but examine the differences of the various age demographics traveling.

Moving Anywhere Means A Lot To Millennial Multicultural Travelers

Did you know that 6 out of 10 Millennial Multicultural Travelers feel that the places they’ve traveled to say a lot for the type of person they are and speaks about their interests? Take for example this proposed statement. If you were to ask a Millennial Multicultural Traveler where they were going and they responded somewhere exotic like Thailand, The Caribbean or Italy, how would you react? If you were to take a step back and ask a Millennial Multicultural Consumer the same question and they responded somewhere domestic like New York, Los Angeles or Chicago, how would you react? Now once more repeat this event with the same question and what if the Millennial Traveler responded somewhere domestic like Indianapolis, Topeka or Iowa City, how would you react? As you can see the various responses would have triggered at least several different take aways from hearing about their travel plans. The feeling is mutual for these Millennial Multicultural Travelers.

The concept of the “bucket-list” is quite real as well for this demographic of Multicultural Travelers. Of course there those who will take these trips to share or even brag and show off on social media to show they can take these trips but for the majority of travelers they travel to live out these experience for the sake of having a fun trip. Many may also feel they need to do these trips to cross them off their “bucket-list” before they feel more pressured by what is perceived as limited time before they move into another stage in their life. This trend isn’t alien to Millennial Multicultural Travelers in the U.S. either. Many overseas Millennial Travelers also mirror this sentiment to even greater degrees at times. For example, even though U.S. Millennials and U.S. Consumers in general take the least amount of vacation days and try to get in as much as possible out of their time while on vacation (especially trips) many Consumers overseas try to accomplish the same due to similar restraints such as currency fluctuation. It is not uncommon for some overseas Consumers to vacation in the U.S. by having one extensive trip across the country with stops all the way from the East coast to Hawaii due to the fact they may not have another opportunity due to funds and they’d rather have many experiences in many locations over the course of a few days than many experiences in one single location over a longer period of vacation time.

Priorities Are At The Heart of Gen X And Baby Boomer Travelers

For Gen X and Baby Boomer Travelers their decisions are inspired and motivated by simpler reasons based on their priorities. For half of the Multicultural Gen X and Baby Boomer Travelers the decision to travel in 2017 is based on the need to seek out comfort away from home and relax. They don’t feel as pressed for time as their younger counterparts and seek out longer trips for longer stays to refresh themselves or make the most of their later years without pressure. That isn’t to say there aren’t those who do feel the pressure to take a journey to a certain location before they no longer have the time but in comparison to the majority of these travelers it’s a significantly small percentage.

For the other half of travelers (primarily comprised of parents) their priorities may lie in spending more time with their families and motivated by the idea of the traditional Spring or Summer vacation and deciding where to take their family being inspired by previous experiences. Maybe they’ll do something new or maybe they’ll return to a location they all really enjoyed or have in mind as a family tradition. Nevertheless the family remains the priority and at the heart of making the final decision to travel in 2017 for these Multicultural Consumers.

Is It About The Journey Or The Destination? 

At the end of this decision-making process to travel in 2017 for Multicultural Consumers one has to take a step back and examine why they’re ultimately traveling? Is it just to reach that destination at the end of their trip? Or is there more to it in the experience in taking this trip? From boarding the plane and disembarking and every step in between, the people they meet along the way, the hours and miles taken to reach their destination, these are all elements of the trips Multicultural Travelers take and elements they share when someone asks or even doesn’t ask about their trip. It’s important to consider how these Multicultural Consumers map these parts of their trips out when they look back on the experience as a whole. With that in-mind it’s clear that deciding to travel is not tied exclusively to where Multicultural Consumers are traveling to but the whole adventure itself.

The journey beginning to take shape and be mapped out in richer detail. What’s next on mapping out the travel trends of Multicultural Consumers? Location, location, location: In the next entry to our series we’ll share and examine the top locations Multicultural Consumers are traveling to. For further insights (now straight to your email through our monthly newsletter), discussion or inquiries for help in sparking your own product conversations fill out our contact form or simply #AskVRTC.

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