Maseca Digital + Maggie Digital

Client: Maseca


To generate emotional value by making ourselves our users’ ally in the kitchen by evolving the brand within the digital platform with relevant content, and to create a bond with consumers.


We developed a digital communication channel using our website and social networks, to convey messages with a fresh, lively tone that will speak to users.

We created a setting for the development of a community where users can interact, sharing and finding information for their day-to-day activities.

  • We made Maggie Jiménez our official spokesperson as the Maseca Chef.
  • We adapted the communication to the target’s lifestyle: practicality and health without neglecting the roots.
  • We offered daily solutions.
  • We freshened up the tone and content by speaking in their language.
  • We encouraged interaction with promotions and current information.
  • We organized SEM campaigns, using Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and banners.


  • The website was redesigned with bilingual communication to focus on Latina women and their day-to-day life.
  • A professional nutritionist published monthly, family-focused health tips in the My health section.
  • Maggie Jiménez was brought on board as our official chef.
  • A calendar was published with 3 kinds of recipes: traditional, step-by-step, and video recipes.
  • Our chef Maggie Jiménez shares monthly kitchen tips.
  • Exclusive promotions were developed for the users of Facebook and My Maseca Club.
  • A newsletter was sent out in their language (English /Spanish).
  • The “My Maseca Club” community was created.
  • A content strategy has been devised as a way to deliver quality content.
  • Video chat via Livestream with Maggie Jiménez.
  • We use other platforms such as Pinterest and Twitter.
  • Cross media with offline campaigns.


  • Up to 34% engagement.
  • We made ourselves the users’ ally in the kitchen with recipes, kitchen tips and health tips.
  • We made the My Maseca Club community grow by over 11,500 members, and the Facebook community by over 25,500 likes.
  • We got the users to share their experiences with us, along with their recipes and kitchen secrets.
  • We’ve logged over 50,500 video plays on our Youtube channel.
  • Our users have shared more than 150,000 stories with us on Facebook. (Stories understood as any interaction with us: Likes, comments and share.)
  • We’ve had over 1,160,000 page visits on our website.